Of Memories and Photographs​.​.​.

by Frame by Frame

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Copyright 2012 Laser Dog Publishing / ASCAP
Recorded by Ryan Furlott at Rain City Audio


released September 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Frame by Frame Portland, Oregon

Frame by Frame was born out of a need to build a sound with solid dynamics, poignant lyrics, driving harmonies, hook-laden guitar work of Margolin and Kebbe, combined with the soundscapes of Trevor Eyere on Keys, and the hard-hitting, intricate, yet furious rhythm section of Casey O'Donnell and David Neufeld. ... more

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Track Name: Glass Disciple
She's only a girl. She shatters like bottles. Words empty like dial tones. She can't be held accountable.

She knows that she can, but she can't and she won't.

We're all so confused. We scatter like bibles Wait for the end, force a smile. Wait for someone to save you.

It's more than it seems. It's more than anyone will ever know. It's only in dreams. She forgets everything she's told.

If you're carved out of stone, then it's open and closed. If it's carved out of stone, then it's all that she knows.
Track Name: Invitation to Chemistry
Love will take you higher, before you come crashing down.

We ache for quiet. We wish for a change. We acknowledge our faults but don’t walk away. We’d rather keep quiet, or just wait for the day, where we all live in memories, with nothing to say

We are invited to witness a memory in making. We are invited to witness a memory – a memory.

We are the science, we are the dream; we are the chemistry that’s just losing steam. We’re not that simple – a broken machine. We love the dreamers, but never their dreams.

We are invited to witness a memory in making. We are invited to witness a memory – a memory.
Track Name: Subtle Light
I don't think that I'll ever forget the way you smell. Burned your photographs, but can't erase the memories themselves. I am overwhelmed. Your feelings and your words, you know, they used to help. I know it's done. At least let me lie to myself.

I can't get you out of my mind. I won't even try. There's no turning back this time. I can't get you out of my mind. There's a tunnel here, and I will find a subtle light.

What if this were fictional? I could just close the cover and move on. Tear these pages out. Rip these words, there'd never be this song. I am unprepared. Feels like this chapter sure belongs to a simple man, in a time from which we've all moved on.

Would you love me if I say goodbye tonight? I won't even try. I'll just close the door this time.
Track Name: Letter Home
I shouldn't worry about these relations - all the little things I can't control. I need a change, a chance, a new life. I need a heart attack, for this pot of gold.

I'll write home in the morning. I've got one hell of a story to tell. This life is far from boring, so if you love it, live it well.

You can only hang yourself for so long, before you kick the stool, or move on. These conversations run like marathons, and my mouth is tired from making excuses, so I'll run away and start again.

If you leave me in the morning, know I'll love you all the same. If you leave me in the morning, just know I'll love you.
Track Name: My Good Side
I need a little time to show you my good side. I promise I love you, and it's all gonna be fine. He breathes and lights a smoke. Rolls his eyes, it's all a joke. She won't notice. He turns and walks away, She won't beg, and bruises fade. This is hopeless.

“Shut up,” she says, “I’m talking to you. Don’t open your mouth, those three words you’ve abused.” She turns, but she stumbles, she tries, but she crumbles to the floor. He moves just to catch her, but waits, let’s her stammer, he won’t care anymore.

She just wants the truth about everything you do. But you hold your ground and scream it out; you’ve done nothing wrong to speak about. It’s the little things that never count, she wants to leave, and it’s over now. She’ll forget about you.

All these little lullabies, the truth it lies behind your eyes, it’s true.